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Dating Tips for Pickup Artists

Neil Strauss was until 2005 primarily known for journalism and ghost-writing. Having written extensively for 'Rolling Stone' magazine on artists like Eric Clapton and Nirvana.

In spite of his success, Neil was aware that there was one part of his life where he had dealt with constant failure:  he just couldn't seem to get any action from the opposite sex.  His obvious talent for writing wasn't of much assistance when it came to dating.  He started researching online and found that there was a 'secret society of pickup artists' who consistently held meetings  in order to  sharpen their skills with women.

Strauss signed on for a bootcamp held by Mystery, and thus began the short journey that would very quickly transform into the best selling book:  'The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists'. The book was essentially a 'who's who' of pickup while the community was still in its infancy.  It describes Strauss' rapid rise within the pickup community, morphing himself from Neil Strauss, well known writer, into 'Style', master pickup artist. Using the varying techniques he acquired from  Mystery and a host of other gurus, Style eventually became known as the "No. 1 Pick-Up artist in the world" shortly after the books release.

'The Game' went on to become such a tremendous financial success that in late 2007, Neil wrote a sequel; 'The Rules of the Game.'   Wanting to pass on his seduction knowledge to the community, Neil also created a school for pickup artists.  Although it is extremely rare for Style to do 'live demonstrations' he shares his pickup ideas with the community freely.

Neil Strauss' contributions to the overall growth of the Seduction Community are undeniable.

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