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Julian Foxx:


Julian has helped revolutionize dating and confidence training for men. He has an innate ability to correctly identify the 'dating problems' that are holding clients back, and then provide an effective, personalized solution. His infield demonstrations are legendary.






A New York native, Jayson is 'The King of Social Proof'. He can walk right past the line and through the velvet ropes of any club in the world without breaking a sweat. Jayson has a passion for teaching and spending lots of time with beautiful women.






Hailing from Boston, Jonesy's background in comedy and improv have opened many doors in the dating realm. He believes, "Being able to work on your feet and act spontaneously are invaluable tools in every stage of a romance." According to Jonesy, it's much easier to break away from the cliche line or idea if you freely explore your unconscious, spontaneous self.

Simply put, working with Julian has had an amazing effect on my confidence. I can personally attest to the fact that the unique techniques Julian...