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Julian Foxx, Inc. Terms & Conditions


I am agreeing to be part of this limited seating, priority user Super Natural's test group. I understand that these techniques and strategies are highly confidential, and I agree to keep what I learned private, and agree not to distribute any of the materials contained in this system. I also agree not to share my access code publicly, by posting usernames, passwords, links or any portion of the system content, without express content from Julian Foxx directly.

Release of Liability
I agree to release Julian Foxx, Inc. from all liability for my actions using the system. I understand that the techniques and strategies in Super Natural are of the highest caliber, and could be considered psychological weaponry.I understand that I am fully responsible for my actions, and agree to use this system responsibly and with the highest moral character.

100% Guarantee
I am aware that Julian Foxx, Inc. has an unconditional (14 Day) 2 Week No Risk Money Back Guarantee, which makes my purchase completely risk-free. All refund requests must be made no more than 14 days after the initial purchase date. Approved refunds will be processed within 15 days after the request is made. If I prefer to exchange the purchase for other available items, Julian Foxx, Inc. will do their best to accommodate me. I am aware that I am limited to one product refund or exchange only.

Additional Terms and Conditions
I authorize Julian Foxx, Inc. to use my success story in future publications. I acknowledge that Julian Foxx, Inc. offers entertainment for men on the topic of women and dating, as well as products and services related to women and dating, and that all content, products and services are not to be considered as legal or professional advice, and are to be used for personal entertainment purposes only. I acknowledge that I am responsible for my actions and hereby release Julian Foxx, Inc. and any of its staff, employees, officers or affiliates from liability for any of my actions or comments influenced by the information contained in products and services received. From this day forward, I assume full responsibility of my personal, physical and emotional well-being.

I understand providing the information on the other side of this form gives Julian Foxx, Inc. permission to communicate with me by fax, email, or phone to relay special offers, announcements and information I may find valuable on the topic of women and dating. I will not reproduce these copyrighted materials nor lend, rent, or sell them to anyone to remain in compliance with the federal and state copyright and trademark laws.

I agree that all sales are final after (14 days) 2 weeks of purchase and I agree that I will not contact my credit card company after the (14 day) 2 week refund period has expired.

Duty to Read
I accept that under this agreement I have a duty to read this refund policy given to me and have done so. I attest to this duty and sign on the order form to execute this document. Furthermore, I understand and accept that I am stopped from using lack of reading as a defense against all remedies so contained herein.

I understand that my purchase will appear on my Credit Card Statement as a purchase from Sprnatural and my submission of this order form constitutes a digital signature. 

Simply put, working with Julian has had an amazing effect on my confidence. I can personally attest to the fact that the unique techniques Julian...